Gunite Pools - The Design Process

Gunite Pools - The Design ProcessNational Pools of Roanoke, Inc. design swimming pools and spas using Computer Aided Design (CAD). Plans for all pools are drawn in-house including a plan view dimension layout, plan view plumbing layout, side section view, typical wall section, and filter room layout.  Our pools are designed to meet ANSI/APSP Pool & Spa Standards.  

The dimension layout includes the overall dimensions of the pool/spa, as well as, the dimensions and locations of plumbing fittings within the pool.  This layout will also include the placement of steps, seats, lights, and any other features of the pool.

The plumbing layout shows the routes of all piping to be installed in the pool and the size of each line.  This view is also shown with the filter layout as a site plan to determine the location of the plumbing ditch.  This layout is very important in case a pipe had been broken and needed to be located.    

Gunite Pools - The Design ProcessThe section view shows the pool depths and cross section of the pool shell.  In this view you can see the slope of the floor and height of the walls at the centerline of the pool.  

The typical wall section displays the materials included in the pool construction.  This section shows the sub-base, thickness of the pool wall & pool floor, strength of the concrete & gunite, size of the steel rebar, thickness & color of the plaster, size & color of the waterline tile, size & color of the coping, expansion joint and decking material. 

The filter layout shows all the equipment used for water circulation and filtration.  This layout displays the dimensions of the equipment room or slab, as well as, the size & type of pool/spa pump and filter, electrical panel, floor drain(s), and backwash line.  Other items that may be seen in this layout (if desired) include the size & type of pool heater, chlorinator, automation controllers, and etc. 

The Area, Perimeter, Volume, Turnover Rate, and Flow Rate of the Pool are given on the plans.  Also, the electrical/mechanical requirements, as well as, any work to be done by others are shown.

Gunite Pools - The Design ProcessBuilding codes are increasingly being updated and requiring additional engineering.  If required, our plans can and have been engineered stamped to meet requirements set by the building departments.

If the site requires elevation drawings or the homeowner requests detailed landscaping advice, we work in conjunction with a landscape architect who can develop a master plan for all contractors to work from. 

In some cases, especially on commercial or larger projects, architects may design the general layout of the pool, which can then be transferred and modified by National Pools into the detailed pool plans.

All our drawings are kept on file for ease of reference, as well as, to obtain information requested by the homeowner if any construction related specifications were needed in the future. 

National Pools is currently in the process of developing 3-D design to provide the homeowner with an enhanced vision of the pool project and soon be able to take a virtual tour of their new backyard.