Swim Spas

What is Gunite?Hydropool originated in 1980 and has become one of the largest swim spa retailers and manufacturers in the world.

Swim Spas by Hydropool are the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. Our swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level.

The Aquaflo Swim Jet Design provides a wider, deeper, smoother current and our tank design has no hidden obstacles like steps or benches for your feet to hit in the swim lane – giving you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.

The Aquaflo swim current is adjustable and can be customized for all swim levels with flow rates up to 11 mph. The AquaChannel shell design is the widest in the industry designed to prevent back splash and provide consistently smoother water.

Hydropool offers the only Self-Cleaning Swim Spa in the industry! Just like the Self-Clean Hot Tubs, the swim spas also have the in-floor cleaner that prevents the need to vacuum. Hydropool is also the only swim spa manufacturer in the industry with Dual Core Pressurized Filtration.

Hydropool offers two Swim Spa Designs: The AquaSport and AquaTrainer

The AquaSport is designed for the casual swimmer, while the AquaTrainer is ideal for the serious athlete. Both are great for fitness and family fun.

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